Paper and PNGs

Nowadays I begin as many of my projects as possible with sketching of some form. Often I draw the subject from reference photos over and over until I'm comfortable that my brain is on the same page as my imagination. Other times I dive straight in with shameless scribbles on nearby post-it notes. Illustration is an important part of my workflow and my successes and failures there help to define the tone of my final projects. For a very long time I was held up by the notion that there was one specific way to draw: with paper, sharpened pencils, erasers, and dedication. As it turns out, dedication is the only part of that equation that stays true across the board and my willingness to try other mediums and methods is what ultimately led me to encounter my own gestures and strokes.

Below are quite a few of my sketches taken from my current portfolio pieces and from my own random explorations. Recently I've added a few quick digital paintings to my artistic wanderings and these have helped me start working towards better control of color and light in particular.