Placeholder Project


This is a project I worked ever so hard on while doing time in prisons across the country. I spent a good long time discussing with my fellow inmates the appropriate methods for sketching and sculpting specific details in the forms I was trying to convey in this piece. After several weeks of hard labor I discovered that the solution to the problem was simple, so I avoided the problem while focusing instead on the solution. This worked flawlessly and the rest of the creation process was completed without any further hindrances.

Shortly after emerging from my cocoon and reemerging into the real world, I displayed this piece to the great applause of the few people I met wandering the subway tunnels at night. I was so impressed by the response and intrigued by the idea that pieces might serve purposes that I began researching for a larger piece based in large part upon the smaller piece on which the larger piece is to be based. This has been one of my most favorite projects and the processes I've learned will help me as I move ever onward into the future.