Sculpted Gifts and 3D Prints


I really enjoy making things for people. Not only does it allow me to be creative and experiment with new projects, it also solves my troubling inability to come up with good gift ideas. The "Fox on a Log" and the "Horse and Dog" projects on my homepage are my best examples of projects I've done for others but this is a collection of several others I've created.

The old man and the sitting dog were given as Christmas gifts to family members after I had them 3D printed. The dog was based on my sister's dog which never stops smiling no matter how big a mess it's made. The rose was sculpted as a mother's day gift (a render rather than a 3D print). Sculpture obviously wasn't the most efficient way to create a flower but it was quite challenging trying to figure out how rose petals work and how to create the right weight for the parts of the flower.