Variations of Me.

"Ben Miller"

Update: I'm now working at Construct Studio which is a small startup focused on virtual reality games and tools to accelerate their production. My own work has primarily been on assets for our episodic game The Price of Freedom. I haven't stopped working on my more traditional artwork, though my time there has been scaled back and the side projects have grown more technical and exploratory. I've designed large convention banners, scanned objects through photogrammetry, put together a camera kit for taking spherical HDR images, and am currently waiting for a carefully researched resin casting setup to hopefully learn some cold-casting. When all is said and done, I'll try to bring some of the labors back here to document them alongside my other projects.


I have always had a fixation with precision and replication that, combined with my insatiable appetite for the imaginatively fantastical and for the reality I reside in, has led me towards a career in digital sculpture and 3D modeling. While my childhood screams for me to pursue video games and movies, I am no less interested in the numerous unsought niches I'll likely find along the way. Wherever it is that I find myself, I will no doubt continue learning and discovering what I am as an artist.


I studied at Rochester Institute of Technology (2009 - 2013) where I majored in 3D Digital Graphics. Along the way I discovered that, of all the digital outlets available, the one I enjoyed most and the one I was most successful in was modeling itself. As I approached graduation, I developed an unquenchable thirst for sculpting in Zbrush and haven't put it down since.


Though I began with environment scenes in college, I moved towards character sculpts after I graduated. Busts and anatomy interested me in particular and I've made great progress in those areas thanks to some crucial anatomy course that have stuck with me. Around graduation I began sculpting reliefs for a client in Rochester and carried that through until more recently. These reliefs have become something of a unique niche talent to me; I could find very little information to help me figure it out and so I've made sure to document my own rambling thoughts on the subject as much as possible. The work I've produced through this client and the skills I've learned from his projects is among my best despite being a skill that it had never occurred to me to consider.


Lately, I've focused a lot of my energy towards providing myself a more comfortable drawing base to design from. I was moving too slowly with traditional pencils to overcome my own design hurtles and eventually made the switch towards pens, markers, digital, and some recent dabbles in watercolors. Pens in particular have helped improve my first strokes and give me the confidence to move forward as I sketch, focusing on the impressions each line gives rather than the precise outlines which used to entrap me. Digital sketching taught me to scribble my proportions and finish large portions of my compositions using light smearing strokes before I'd even put down a single final line. Countless gesture sketches gave me some much needed experience for approaching designs which are unfamiliar to me. Sketching is very much a part of my rambling thought process when entering into any project.


When not working on the various sculptures, models, and sketches, I am usually either enjoying the outdoors or enjoying the indoors. I listen to audio books and podcasts endlessly; hike; bike; wander and ponder; climb; sketch; help raise the dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, goats, llamas, and horses scattered about my family's headquarters; and, as always, play video and board games.