"A Veteran and his Wife" Photo in Relief

This relief is based on the photo "A Veteran and his Wife" by an anonymous photographer. I've always liked portraits with candid expressions that still feel undeniably human no matter when or where or who is at the other end of the portrait. In this case I chose a portrait that emphasized not just faces but postures as well because I was interested in sculpting broader views in relief. I intended just to practice with this piece but ended up taking it through to completion.

I sent it to the client who I worked with on the composer series to see if this was something that might work. I designed a base that was meant to look like a stack of photos but in the end we passed on the idea because the forms were too small to capture in glass. In addition to the photo and base design, I included a depth render to give an idea how the piece is created (it's been tweaked to be inexact but easier to view) and a metallic render I was messing around with.